I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the calm before the storm edition


Dear weather gods,  Thank you for reading my letter last week, and improving things slightly.  Yesterday was beautiful, and today is shaping up to be very warm and sunny too – the warmest day of the year perhaps.  The price to pay is heavy thunderstorms tonight but I will look on the plus side – I won’t have to water the garden this evening.

Dear summer clothes,  How nice to see you again!

Dear agapanthus bulbs,  I am very happy to see that, in your second year, flower spikes are appearing.  Last summer, a year after you were planted, things were not looking promising and your effort at producing greenery wasn’t magnificent I have to say.  However, it seems to be a different story now, which is great.

Dear grass, Stop growing so quickly!

Dear robins,  There are no signs of babies yet.  I hope my ejection of you, just as you started to build a nest, from our soon to be demolished shed hasn’t set you back in the breeding department.  I keep seeing you in the garden, so my fingers are crossed for young ones.  Oh, just in case you hadn’t heard – you have been voted as Britain’s favourite bird.  I thought you might be pleased to hear that.


Photo credit: rspb.org.uk

Hope your Friday goes well.


16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the calm before the storm edition

  1. Aww, robins! I’m not surprised they’re Britain’s favoruite bird.

  2. Thanks again for the Friday smiles. What a well fed Robin. LOL @ “Dear grass……” 😃

  3. Have you noticed the robins are getting bigger? A lazy lifestyle? Can’t really blame them. I reclined in the garden for a while this morning 🙂

  4. Excellent….things are looking up on all levels…except perhaps if one is a robin who used to inhabit your shed!

  5. I voted for the Robin 🙂
    And a tip about agapanthus, they like to be crowded, so don’t give them too much room 🙂

    • I actually voted for the blackbird, because its song is my favourite, but it was a very tough call between it and the friendly robin. I have another agapanthus which is about 8 years old now, and is still in its original pot, very crowded, and flowering beautifully each year. I’m worried it’s going to burst out of the pot, so I think at the end of the flowing season this year I might repot it to a slightly bigger one, or split the plant.

  6. I love agapanthus. Our driveway is lined with dozens of them and Jude is right, the more crowded they become the better they flower. For us, they start flowering in November and last right through till January, or even longer depending on how hot it gets.

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