I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

weekly photo challenge: off-season


The off-season means there are plenty of empty spots available to moor your boat on the river.

River Fowey in February

Fowey, Cornwall, February 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge


7 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: off-season

  1. Good choice for the challenge and I love the photo – maybe I’d think about cropping it a bit on the left? That bit of jetty distracts my eye. Dunno. Maybe it’s just the edge of that building. Anyway I love the posts and the trees and the sky and the scattering of houses on the hillside. 😀

    • Funnily enough, I had already cropped it to remove most of the building on the left. 🙂 I decided that leaving a bit of it visible gave a reference point for the picture, but I see what you mean, and it would have been fine without it. I believe that the house nearest the water to the left of the picture on the far side of the river, is a house that Daphne Du Maurier lived in.

      • Oh, Daphne du Maurier is hugely responsible for my love of Cornwall – I loved reading her books as a young teenager.

        “All is not what it seems in Manderley…”

  2. I do love Cornwall ~ it is so beautiful. We have a week’s holiday there each year thanks to Truro dialysis unit where my hubby can be treated. This year however the weather was awful in the one week we came. So I’m happy to see your photo! Roll on next year!

  3. I really like this off season photo, Elaine. What a gorgeous place to have a house……..and a boat. 🙂

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