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Friday letters – the summer solstice (nearly) edition


Dear Midsummer’s Day,  Already?  Two more days until the summer solstice and then the length of daylight will be reducing each day as we head towards winter.  I am NOT ready for this!

Dear Parents, What on earth are you thinking of, buying Grant Theft Auto 5 for your 8 year old son?  I struggle to understand your reasons – GTA 5 has an 18 rating!  I was astonished when a child told me this week that he was looking forward to home time because, while he was at school, his mum was going to buy him the game for his Playstation.  Further questioning of the group I was working with showed that he is not alone in having access to games like this.  I did a little research later, because the boy wasn’t too clear in his description of the game, just that it had fighting. I found out that the three main characters are a man on the edge of a breakdown, a young man willing to do anything for money and a meth-dealing psychopath with a capacity for violent cruelty and sexual aggression.  These characters can use a wide variety of customisable guns and as you progress through the game you measure your success by your weapon collection.  The point of the game is to commit crimes, outrun the police and generally cause havoc, death and destruction.  As I was reading, I wondered whether you, the parents, had actually played the game and seen its true content, or whether you were just viewing it as something to keep your child happy and quiet, probably in another room.  Something is going wrong in society when children of this age are playing, with parental consent, games like this.

Dear weather people,  Keep it up!  We’re enjoying this pleasant weather

Dear TV cookery programmesThere seem to be an awful lot of of you on at the moment and there is the possibility of overindulgenceI will have to be careful!

Dear goldfinches,  Why the long absence?  It’s nice to have you back again.


A pair of goldfinches on the feeder in my garden.

Have a good Friday everyone.


14 thoughts on “Friday letters – the summer solstice (nearly) edition

  1. Happy weekend Elaine – may the sun god continue to shine on us 🙂
    As for the X-rated games I am totally with you on this. Makes my skin crawl to think that parents allow their youngsters on them. I’m also not keen on kids having smart phones at a young age, I mean what can they get up to on those? If, as it seems to be the norm, parents insist their children carry a phone for ’emergencies’ (though most of the time they are hardly out of the house or school) then why not just a phone – one that makes calls and texts. Do kids need to have apps and access to the internet ALL the time? Sorry, rant over, I am definitely getting OLD.

    • I agree with you re smart phones – it must be so hard for parents to keep a track (if they are trying to, of course!) of what their children can see and do with the phones. Many of the children I teach seem to be on social media sites from the age of about 9 or 10. It’s all wrong. I am getting old too – and turning into a Mrs Grumpy.

      • Sadly children are no longer children at the age of ten, they are already teenagers. I see it with my own grandchildren and find it quite sad that they have such a short childhood these days, plus every minute of their free time is organised for them. My daughter spends her life driving her children to one activity or another. You have to wonder if they have any time to develop an imagination.

  2. I could not agree more with all the above comments. I do think it is sad that children grow up so fast and have so little real freedom. I have no children so I don’t profess to be any kind of expert. I did think it was odd that my co-workers teenage children would ring them up at work to say “When will you be finished?” sometimes two or three times during the afternoon. It was as if they couldn’t be at home on their own.

  3. Excellent rant, especially on that game which is one of my own peeves! That game also has alot of porn/sexual graphics and drug culture. My question is, why do they even make games like this at all? Should be sold in Adult XX stores only if they have to make them. And people wonder why the world is in such a state! Okay, my rant over now. Sorry.

    • Those poor children being exposed to those graphics – it’s shocking really. I agree – why are those sorts of games made at all, but if we accept that they are, then I suppose we presume that adults can make their own decisions about what they look at, and are mature enough to deal with it. I noticed that Amazon had a tick box for people to agree that they are over 18 before they can buy it, but that doesn’t stop them then giving it to their 8 year old of course.

  4. It’s weird how we need a licence for everything except parenting! Anyone can be a parent, unfortunately.

  5. Well said. I agree. I can see no possible reason for buying an 18-rated game for an 8 year old, whether or not the buyer has watched it. Surely that’s the point of a ratings system, so that buyers can be confident the game/film is appropriate to whoever will play or watch it.

    Learning to deal with boredom is definitely a useful life skill and I’m sure it does encourage imagination and independent thinking. Perhaps schools everywhere could introduce 15 minutes on the curriculum each week dedicated to thumb twiddling.

    • I fear that a lot of parents just ignore the ratings, thinking that a little bit of fighting and shooting won’t do any harm – after all ‘lots of children are playing these games’. So dangerous.
      I love your idea for curriculum time devoted to thumb twiddling! 🙂

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