I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the fat pigeon edition


Dear pigeon,  Please keep off the patches of grass where I have just put down some top soil and seeds.  If you keep on eating the seeds at this rate you will get so fat that you will not be able to fly away.

Dear old folks in supermarkets,  Yes, I’m afraid I am talking to you again.  Please make your mind up BEFORE you enter the door where you are going to go when you get in.  Standing blocking the doorway, with your shopping trolley and bag on wheels while you decide which way to go, or rummage in your bag/pocket for your shopping list is not a great idea.  There is plenty of space for everyone if you just move a few steps into the shop and away from the entrance.

Dear weeds on the path and drive,  I don’t really like to do it but I have applied weedkiller in the hope that it will halt your rampant progress.  My fingers (and my knees) can’t cope with removing you all manually.

Dear sparrows,  I think you must be on to your second batch of fledglings judging by the renewed vigour of the noisy twitterings at the front of the house.  I was wondering if you knew how many more clutches of eggs you might lay, just so that I can plan ahead for more noisy days before we return to the normal levels of chirping.

Dear pile of books by my bed,  One has been removed but you have grown by three more.  I’m sorry to say that I was weak, and couldn’t manage to turn down an excellent online price for a book a friend had recommended nor could I turn down the offer of two books being passed on to me after their owner had finished with them.  At this rate you are never going to be down to zero.

Dear self,  Well done for finally getting round to doing your filing yesterday.

Let’s celebrate Friday with some dancing from Snoopy.






13 thoughts on “Friday letters – the fat pigeon edition

  1. Thanks again for the smiles, Elaine. Tut tut @ those old people! 😄 I’ll keep your admonition in mind for when I eventually get ‘old’. 😳

  2. Your weekly letters are so amusing! My bugbear is with people who decide to have a conversation at the entrance/exit to a shop. Just move a few steps in or out for goodness sake.

  3. Wouldn’t it actually be depressing if that pile of books ever did disappear? I can’t imagine not having a good read to look forward to!

  4. Mex spends a great deal of his time chasing the pigeons away from the bird feeder.
    They don’t take much notice.
    I have suggested he stop buying bird food with stuff the pigeons eat.
    But, what man listens???

  5. Friday letters – I love the idea. 🙂

  6. That pigeon is on to a good thing. Why compete with the trillion other pigeons in Trafalgar Square when he can come to your place where there is a veritable smorgasbord of pigeon delights laid on for his dining pleasure.

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