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weekly photo challenge: muse


This week we are asked to share a photo (or photos) of something that keeps us coming back. For many years I have been taking photos of this particular section of canal, with a lock.  Every time I pass I hope to take the perfect shot but so far that has eluded me, although I was pretty happy with the early morning ones I took in April this year, for another weekly photo challenge.

The lock has changed slightly since I took my first photos: some much needed repairs to the gates were carried out a couple of years ago, and the hand rails along the tops of the gates were changed.  Sacrilege!  I thought the white rails looked so much better – it’s going to take me years to get used to the new look!

The first set of photos is the lock with its original gates and rails.  Click on any photo for a closer look.

The next photo is when the far gate had been replaced.  It just didn’t look like ‘my’ lock any more.

canal lock new gates

Then both gates were replaced with the new black handrails.

Weekly Photo Challenge


16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: muse

  1. What a lovely peaceful spot, Elaine 🙂 I do like that last shot, though I hear what you’re saying about the paint job 🙂

  2. Second to the last photo is wonderful, Elaine! How lucky you are to have a little spot like this to keep coming back to…..white or black rails make no difference to its charm at all from here.

  3. I can see why you keep going back there – it’s a place that screams ‘photograph’!! I’d love to capture it in the snow.

  4. I find locks quite interesting places myself, Elaine… but get them in the right light and they can look hauntingly sinister!

  5. How rude of the powers-that-be not to consult you before making changes. This does look like a lovely place to visit though.

  6. Gorgeous spot, Elaine. Nothing ever stays the same does it? 😕

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