I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

I’ll try not to talk about the weather …



The past week has been dominated by thoughts, and talk, about the weather. Each day I resolved not to mention the weather, but I failed. It seems to be a British obsession – we are always saying how hot/cold/wet/windy/foggy it is. This week was a prime example of it, as every day people were saying “Phew, it’s hot”, or “This heat is unbearable”.  We even had a record high temperature recorded, which I think was the headline item on the evening news. As soon as the heatwave passes, though, we’ll be complaining about the rain or the cool temperatures!


To read more sets of six words which may, or may not, be talking about the weather, head over to Cate at Show My Face.



26 thoughts on “I’ll try not to talk about the weather …

  1. We Brits always need something to complain about, so right now it’s the weather! As for me, bring it on – the hotter the better. Right now I’m heading over the road to the beach!

    Rosey Pinkerton’s blog

  2. Remember to keep up your water intake and stay out of the sun and you’ll be fine.

  3. yes, here in Trinidad and Tobago its wet Season; that is our season of rains, which should be very cooling but we are also experiencing a hot wet season this year, there is talk about a heat wave on

    have a nice Saturday though

    much love…

  4. OMG. I love that cartoon!

  5. That’s exactly how it is! 🙂

  6. I share your frustration with our corporate inability to just get on with our day to day lives without remarking on the weather. But it is impossible. *tries not to comment on the weather*.

  7. Hilarious cartoon! Makes the egg frying on the sidewalk very dated.

  8. You’re officially not allowed to complain about sunshine or heat in Scotland… but we all do!

  9. But it has been hot, so we can let ourselves off this once, Elaine!

  10. oh hahahah love this- when in doubt discuss the weather! Have a better day today!

  11. So what was the record temperature? I’m pleased to read you were wearing a hat on PGD. I am always amazed when we visit UK when I see school children without hats. Here in schools, the rule is No Hat No Play, all year round. And teachers are expected to wear their hats too.

    • The record July temp was 36.7C (98F), measured at Heathrow Airport.
      Fewer than 50% of the children had hats and, although they are encouraged to wear them, they are allowed out without. There has been no mention of hats for staff, but maybe I will have started a trend! There was also talk last week of increasing the available shade for the children, which is a good step. Maybe other schools here are different of course.

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