I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the second July edition


Dear parents,  I take back some of what I said a couple of weeks ago about the purchasing of Grand Theft Auto 5 for 8 year olds.  The child who had told me excitedly that his mum was buying the game for him, updated me this week about the fact that she has told him he must be 18 before he can play it.  It turns out that she hadn’t realised it was rated 18 and that its content was so graphic and violent, and generally unsuitable for a child of his age.  Well done to that mum.

Dear laptop,  I am pleased that you have been returned to me, but it took a while to load all my software back on again which was a bit of a drawback when all I wanted to do was use you.  Then, yesterday, there was a little hiccup with you not responding again, but we seem to have weathered that and hopefully all will be well again.

Dear school children,  There is just one more week of term to go.  Hooray!

Dear birds and bees,   I’ve enjoyed seeing quite a selection of you in the garden this week.  I’ve seen a woodpecker (or several of you, but you only come in one at a time), a coal tit, a wren, robins, wood pigeons and goldfinches.  I’m not very good at identifying bee types yet, but I’m pleased to see that you are enjoying the flowers.

(I bet that last letter didn’t take the path some of you might have been expecting. 😉 )

Here’s a photo of a bee on my lavender plant yesterday.

bee on lavender

A bee on a lavender plant in my garden.

Have a good Friday.


12 thoughts on “Friday letters – the second July edition

  1. That’s a jolly good bee pic.

  2. I agree, great bee photo, and I love your sense of humour too 🙂

  3. Aww, bee! I like bees.

  4. Perfect combination….bee and lavender plant. I wonder who looks forward to school holidays the most, the children or the teachers? No, you don’t need to answer. 😀

  5. Stunning picture.

  6. Happy summer and happy last week of school. The best feeling ever is waking up to that first Saturday morning and knowing a lovely long holiday stretches ahead!

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