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Bench Series: July – unusual details


For the month of July, Jude at Travel Words has asked us to share benches with unusual details.  The unusual detail about this bench is that you cannot get to it to sit on it!

log bench behind railings

The bench is made from the trunk of a fallen tree (not sure what type) from the park and has been in position beside an old Cedar of Lebanon for years.  A couple of years ago there were reports that the tree was becoming dangerous and may fall so it was decided, due to public demand, to put a fence around it rather than chop it down. I can’t work out why the bench wasn’t moved before the fence was put up!

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series.


14 thoughts on “Bench Series: July – unusual details

  1. Or, why not put the fence around the tree on the other side of the bench?

  2. That is a most interesting bench!

  3. No, that is plain silly! But I imagine that bench is not light!

  4. Maybe it’s too heavy to move, and it certainly doesn’t look very comfortable. 🙂

  5. The rebel in me just wants to climb over there and sit on it 🙂

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