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guerilla knitting


I’ve walked past these trees many times, but never seen them looking quite like this before.  I imagine it must have been a tricky job attaching the knitted cover to the tree trunks, but the effect was great fun.

knitting covered trees

Guerilla knitting, or yarn bombing as it is also known, appeared, as if by magic, in a local town recently.  This display was part of a two-week long festival of ‘extraordinary open air moments’, performed in a pedestrian area of the town centre, and which included different types of street performances (dance, drama, art installations etc) from local groups, national and international artists. I only managed to catch two things – the knitting, and a man and a woman doing some kind of dangerous looking dance/acrobatics routine which involved the poor woman nearly hitting her head on the paving slabs as the man ‘dropped’ her, drawing gasps from the audience (which presumably was the point of it).  It looked too risky for me, so I walked on.

The first, and previously the only, guerilla knitting I saw was in Truro about five years ago.  An iron bollard, one of several marking the edge of the road outside some shops, had a few strips of knitting tied around it.  I thought it was odd, but didn’t realise at the time what it was.  Things have come on a long way since then.

Have you seen any guerilla knitting anywhere on your travels?


18 thoughts on “guerilla knitting

  1. I have never heard of this – or seen it! Fascinating and weird.

  2. I didn’t know it was called guerilla knitting or that it was a “thing” but I have seen some recently around Hobart on a couple of occasions recently. Now I can put a name to it!

  3. So cool! I have seen this yarn bombing on restlessjo’s site before, there are some very talented knitters out there!

  4. I have never seen anything like this! Amazing!

  5. I seem to remember something on the news recently about some rapscallion destroying a guerilla knitting display – can’t remember where though, unfortunately. I think it was all put back in the end, and the knitter was interviewed, thanking folk for their help. Before then I’d never heard of it!

  6. Very odd to see, but colourful and fun. That woman must be crazy to risk being dropped on her head. No-one could pay me enough to do that. 😯

  7. There is a two week festival in a town nearby to us, starting this weekend called Jumpers and Jazz. All the trees in the main street are wearing their woolly jumpers and there are lots of musical events. http://jumpersandjazz.com/

  8. I really like it, Elaine, as you probably know 🙂 🙂

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