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Friday letters – the latest edition


Dear Scotland,  Here I am again – and the sun is shining!

Dear motorway traffic,  Once again the roads were nice and clear for my journey yesterday.  There were a few roadwork areas with reduced speed limits, but no hold ups.

Dear Great British Public,  I’d like to say thank you for staying out of the motorway service stations that I was using yesterday.  If you could also stay away from them at the end of next week when I return home, that would be much appreciated.

Dear theatre audiences,  There really should be some kind of test that you have to pass before you are allowed into a theatre to watch a dramatic, and emotional, show such as Les Miserables.  My visit to see it in London on Wednesday evening was disturbed by the use of mobile phones, the loud voices of a couple behind me commenting on the action and the loud rustling of bags of sweets and chocolates.  If you cannot keep your phone switched off, or at least in your pocket, for just over an hour, then perhaps live theatre is not for you.  Checking it for messages during the performance is surely not necessary – wait until the interval.  When other people are enjoying a glass of wine, or eating their ice cream, you could be looking at your phone.  If you are expecting an urgent communication then I suggest you should have stayed at home.  Despite a warning, just as the lights went down at the start, about not taking photographs, or recordings, there was at least one of you using his phone to record the show.  How gently, or otherwise, the steward went and reminded you that it was forbidden I don’t know, but the phone went away and did not reappear – do you not think that the warnings apply to you? Now, to those of you who like to eat sweets during the performance… the best time to dig into the intrusively rustling bag is during a section of loud music or singing NOT at the quiet, emotional, dramatic moments.  And do you have to eat quite so many sweets?  Some of you sitting a few rows behind me must have had about ten bags each judging by the noise.

Dear sweet packet manufacturers,  I have asked this before, but am asking again – is there no way that you can make a bag for your sweets which can be opened silently, and dipped into silently?

jelly babies

Have a good Friday everyone.



15 thoughts on “Friday letters – the latest edition

  1. So funny, your theatre experience, you write with such a deadpan face 😉
    Enjoy Scotland as I am sure you will, enjoy being with your Mum and look out for benches 🙂

  2. We should go to the theatre together and be paid to police the audience. I’d be happy to confiscate all Jelly Babies and take them back to France. And stamp on the mobile phones. I have never worked out why people chose to live their lives through a technological filter.

  3. Are you after them to create a quieter packaging so that you can take your sweets into live theatre or are you just trying to be discreet about how many times you’re dipping into the bag at all? LOL

    Hope you’re having a great trip!

  4. Bwahaha. I have exactly the same gripes as you when it comes to theatre and cinema audiences. I don’t know why people bother to go to shows if they just want to sit and chat or check their phones all the time. As for noisily eating sweets or crisps all the way through, why can’t they eat before the show or after and not during? Pfft! So happy that the Scottish weather is behaving itself for you. Have fun. 🙂

  5. The phone use is becoming increasingly annoying at every turn. I like your letter to the audience! Well said! 🙂

  6. I can’t believe that after all these years of mobile phone use people still don’t get it when they are told they can’t use their phones. Here it’s illegal to use a phone while driving but people still do it.

    Recently I went to the theatre with some family members and my nephew had to sign in to his uni tuturials for the new semester right on starting time. There is no leeway – you either sign in on time or you don’t get into your tutorial. (which is so ridiculous) so he had his phone all set and ready to go and as soon as it was time he did it with his phone tucked up inside his coat. He must have been quick because I didn’t even notice he’d done it and I thought he’d missed out.

  7. It is illegal here, too, to use a phone while driving, but people still do it despite seeing some of the serious consequences of it on tv.
    I will give special dispensation to your nephew (and others in his position), especially as he was being very discreet. 🙂 It seems a bit harsh on the students that there is such a narrow window for signing in to the tutorial.

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