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Bench Series: July – unusual details #4


For the month of July, Jude at Travel Words has asked us to share benches with unusual details, and I’ve got one more to share before the start of August.

I spotted this one, made from the trunk of a teak tree,  in a small gift/dress shop (with a tea room of course, which was the purpose of our visit!).  The pile of read newspapers on the right hand side would suggest that many patient partners have sat there while clothes were being tried on.  It’s not the best photo because I was using my phone camera and wanted to get a quick shot before a customer got in the way!

teak bench

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series.


15 thoughts on “Bench Series: July – unusual details #4

  1. Oh this is lovely! I would go into this store just to sit on the bench for a few minutes (and maybe buy something…)

  2. I love these benches carved from one piece of wood. This must be so heavy! I would love to run my fingers over that smooth wood. Thanks for getting this one in Elaine 😀

  3. Most unusual! Great catch!

  4. That’s such an amazing bench! A good find for Jude’s challenge. 🙂

  5. What a beauty. I agree with Jude. It is just begging to be stroked.

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