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Friday letters – the bird edition


Dear readers,  Yesterday’s “can you guess what it is?” close up photo was a bird’s nest (well done to Heyjude and  The Eternal Traveller for guessing correctly), and here are the residents –

chicks in a nest

chicks four days oldIn the first picture I think the chicks were about three days old and in the second picture, which was taken a day later, you can see clearly that their feathers are starting to grow in.  I’m not sure what species of bird they are because I couldn’t get a good look at the parent, a small brown bird, who flew off when I walked along the first time and then was sitting in a nearby tree the next time.

Dear red-haired boy at the Highland Games,  I hope your mum found you safe and well.  The announcer was a little confused about your age, which ranged from 3 – 10 years old, and also what we should do if we spotted you.  The details that we were given were sketchy – a mum was looking for a 3/8/10 year old boy with red hair.  In Scotland where there are lots of red-haired children, many of whom were present at the Games, I thought it might be a bit problematic.

Dear ivy,  It’s a shame that you have damaged the rowan tree outside my mum’s kitchen window.  Removing you has left some unsightly scars on the trunk, but you were starting to smother the tree.  I know that the flowers are important for insects, but the rowan berries are important for the birds, and the birds have won this time.

Dear robin,  What a treat to have such a friendly companion when I was working in my mum’s garden.  Everywhere I went, there you were, watching me or hopping around very near to my feet, looking for something to eat.  It was also a delight to discover that you had a nest in the garage and there were four chicks in it!  Now I know why you were so busy searching for food.

In keeping with the bird theme of this post, here is a Snoopy smile.

Woodstock nest

Have a good Friday.


13 thoughts on “Friday letters – the bird edition

  1. Another great edition of the Friday letters…….I look forward to this every week!

  2. Oh, he IS naughty sometimes! But I still love him 🙂 Lovely saga about the baby birds, Elaine. Happy weekend!

  3. Ah, but you gotta love that Snoopy! Lovely nest – hope they thrive. Now I know why the birds nick the moss off my pots in the spring!

  4. I had to laugh about the red haired boy. Hopefully he turned up safe and sound.

  5. Sweet baby robins! It sounds as though your mom’s garden was just waiting for your visit. Hope the little boy of indeterminate age was found and returned to his confused mom. 🙂

  6. I have a friendly robin, too! Whenever I go out into the garden, there he is. I do feel there may be some correlation between his regular appearance and my regular feeding of the birds, however. Cupboard love!

    • I think there might be an element of cupboard love – or cupboard hope! I think they are also clever enough to equate humans digging and pruning in the garden with the appearance of more insects/worms etc. I’m sure that’s why my mum’s one was following me around. 🙂

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