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…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the final August edition


Dear Cornwall,   I had a lovely break, visiting you last week, but I would like to make a suggestion for future visits, which is that the weather needs to be better.  You look stunning in the sunshine, but low cloud and rain does not suit you at all.  Apart from our first day, it rained the whole time and sometimes the cloud was so low that we could only just see the tops of the trees.  Luckily I had packed full waterproofs, so I was able to go out without getting drenched to the skin.  I hope you do better next time.

Dear weather,  This is AUGUST!!  Please sort yourself out.   We have had more than enough rain – the gardens don’t need it any more and I am sure the farmers have had enough too.  There is no danger of us having a drought now, as all the reservoirs are full, so please can you turn the water off and let us have a little warm sunshine.

Dear sign writers,  I think I may have seen (but wasn’t able to photograph, sadly) the very worst case of apostrophe misuse that I have ever seen.   Outside a bakery, in Cornwall last week, there was a sign advertising the sorts of things they sold – breads, sandwiches, pasties, scones, pastries and… gateaux’s.  I think there should be some sort of course you need to go on to learn when apostrophes should, and should not, be used – words which are already plural do NOT need an s on the end, never mind an apostrophe s.

Dear children’s shoe manufacturers,  Why do you make shoes  that light up round the edges when children walk?  It seems a strange concept – the child can’t see it, so who is it for?

Dear birthday,  Another one has come and gone – I can’t keep up!  Perhaps you could arrange to arrive just once every two years?

Dear traffic cones,  I’m wondering if my theory is correct and you take holidays in different parts of the country rather than wait, unused, in some storage facility until you are required for valuable roadwork situations.  So often you are seen during the summer, and on holiday weekends, blocking off long sections of the motorways when there is no evidence of any work being done.  Do you get any say in where you spend your summers?  Currently I believe there are huge numbers of you enjoying some time off in the northern areas of the M6.


Cones enjoying their summer break.

Happy Friday!


17 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final August edition

  1. Your bit about the cones made me laugh! I get so annoyed when passing mile after mile of the things and no sign of any work being done. Thgere’s quite a few having a holiday on the M5 too. And I agree with you about the rain. Feeding bunnies and rounding them up in a downpour is NOT nice! Here’s to a sunny weekend for us both 🙂

  2. do so enjoy your wry fridays – the august weather plays havoc with bank holidays, good or bad, especially when the traffic cones get together too

  3. I have never seen so many cones in one place the M6 must be the cone equivalent of Butlins.

  4. Thanks again for the Friday smiles. Hope you had a very happy birthday. Those poor cones do need to get out a bit so the rain can wash the dust off them. 😕 Yes, luminous shoes are a mystery to me too. I never want to attract attention to the size of my feet. 😀

  5. I think everyone should be made to attend your apostrophe school and they shouldn’t be allowed to leave and go out into the world until they can demonstrate a complete mastery of the use of the apostrophe.

  6. Hope you had a great birthday. Wow, I think that’s a cone family reunion!

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