I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

last rose of summer



I have three rose bushes in the garden, which have had a few blooms on them over the summer, and this is the last one.

white rose

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30 thoughts on “last rose of summer

  1. So long, my beautiful friend. See you in the spring…

  2. It is a very beautiful bloom too!

  3. I expect one or two late boloms will surprise you.

  4. Well roses can bloom until December if we don’t get a heavy frost so you never know! I am happy to report that my Gertrude Jekyll has 12 flowers – some are open, some have been blown off by the wind and rain the last couple of days, but some are still in bud. Smells so lovely and makes up for the fact I missed the first blooms in June.

    • Twelve flowers – fabulous! I think I had a maximum of two on each bush at any one time. I mentioned in my reply to Viv that after taking this photo I noticed a new bud on one of the bushes, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It is raining now, and wind is forecast, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this bloom hangs on.

  5. Sigh. That means winter’s on its way…

  6. What rose is that Elaine? It’s quite perfect.

    • It is Silver Wedding and we were given it as a present for our… you’ve guessed it… silver wedding anniversary. We were given about 6 rose bushes actually, but only three have survived – my rose keeping skills are not good it would seem!

      • I’ve found that roses don’t really like too much water. Mine survived through our last drought which went for years, and they’ve only ever been watered by bucket. One deep watering is better than lots of light waterings.

        • Maybe I have been over watering them? Because they are in tubs I am always conscious of them drying out so have been watering them in the way that I do my other seasonal tubs. I will take your advice and leave them on the dry side (although with autumn approaching they will have to take their chance!).

          • When we built our house ten years ago, we had to start the garden from scratch and it was in the middle of the worst drought in recorded history. The dams that service the city had only 8% of their water left and everyone was on the tightest of water restrictions. No hoses, no sprinklers, so everything had to survive on water we caught in buckets while we showered and in the kitchen sink. The roses, even when newly planted, only ever got bucketed water. Now they are well established I never water them by hand. They rely on rainfall, and that’s scarce again at the moment. Good luck.

  7. Well it sure is a beauty! What a great finish. 🙂

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