I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

more rugby



Tomorrow we are travelling to the Olympic Park in London to see Ireland v Italy.  We didn’t manage to get tickets for the London Olympics in 2012, so I am looking forward to visiting the Park for the first time.

We will be supporting Ireland, in honour of Mr Decisive’s side of the family. Come on Ireland!ireland rugby

To read more sets of six words for a Saturday head over to Cate at Show My Face.


24 thoughts on “more rugby

  1. Tonight is England v Australia, so I’m told. Will you be watching?

  2. Hope you get the result you want!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

  4. enjoy!!! have a good weekend

    much love…

  5. I’ve never followed rugby, Elaine, but I’m sure you’ll have a good time. The atmosphere should be good. 🙂

  6. Enjoy your weekend, Elaine, and may the best side win. I don’t do rugby, but I’ll add an extra burst of support for Ireland for you

  7. Have a BLAST! Good luck!

  8. Well, how cool is that! I have NEVER seen a rugby match. Ever! I hope you have a GREAT time!

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