I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Write a novel this month? Nope, not me!


It’s the first of November and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is upon us once more.  I have thought about it and, as before, I have realised that there is no way I could ever write a novel in my lifetime, never mind in one month!  However, I have decided to join in with National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) again, as I did in 2012 and 2013, and challenge myself to post something every day for the month.

Here I am on paragraph two and I have no idea where this post is going – not a good start!  If I am in this position in my second paragraph, how on earth does someone sit down and write the thousands and thousands of words which are required for a novel?  How do they decide what is going to happen when, and to whom, and where?  How do they decide whose point of view it is going to be written from, what the characters’ names are going to be, whether they are going to use conventional punctuation or not (I once tried to read a novel which had minimal punctuation and no capital letters, but I had to give up it was so hard to make sense of it!) or how they are going to split up the chapters (or indeed have any chapters at all).  Then there is the title of the novel – how is that decided?  Do they have to research and make sure that no-one else has already used the same title, or does that not matter?  Such a lot of work.

I do admire people who have the discipline to write a novel but, just as I admire someone who can climb Mount Everest, or swim the channel, or run a marathon every day for a month, it is not something that I would ever think to do.  Blogging every day for 30 days is going to be enough of a challenge for me!  I hope you’ll stick with me…




25 thoughts on “Write a novel this month? Nope, not me!

  1. I was thinking I might try the challenge of writing a novel this month, but I know how hard it would be to do as I did write a novel, but I wrote it at a pace of 3 pages a day over a year and a half, and some days I had trouble coming up with 3 pages. I only did it 5 days a week too! Writing a 50,000 word novel in one month requires about 1667 words a day, or 7 pages a day!! I don’t know how people do that either!! If I were going to do this challenge, I would first need to take copious notes about the characters: their jobs, hobbies, where they live, their family, etc. etc. That’s what I did for my first novel, but I didn’t do it before today, Nov. 1, for the first day of the challenge!! I like your idea of doing a blog post a day, and I think that would be a good commitment for myself, as I’ve been out of practice with blogging for the last couple of months. I’m joining you in that regard, Elaine!!

  2. I am with you! No idea how anyone writes a novel! But am very glad to see you signed on for 30 days of posts….this should be good!

  3. Looking forward to seeing how a ‘pro’ once a dayer does it!

    I tried doing a post a day back when my blog was newer. I couldn’t keep it up for long, and I think my few readers were very glad when I went back to a once a week or so schedule!

  4. Hi. I once posted daily for a month, and was amazed how hard it was – and it was in an era when I was regularly posting 2 or 3 times a week anyway, so I hadn’t thought it would be much of an increase.

    Good luck.

    I read your blog much more than I comment on it, by the way!

  5. I have done this with photos before, but must confess I did schedule some of them. Not sure I could do it with a wordier post each day and certainly not a novel in a month! Now that must take up a lot of pre-research surely? Good luck. I shall have fun following you this month 🙂

    • There will be lots of scheduling of posts going on – I found that was the only way to manage it the last time. There might also be lots of photos with few words. 🙂 A novel in one month would need to have had weeks of pre-research I think – unless it’s a really bad novel of course!

  6. Good luck, Elaine. Love the cartoon. 🙂

  7. Last year I thought I’d have a go at NaNoWriMo this year, Elaine, and then promptly forgot about it, and it’s now too late to start. Maybe next year.
    Good luck with NaBloPoMo, just let the words carry you!

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