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Bench Series: November – benches with messages


For the month of November, Jude at Travel Words has asked us to share benches which have messages.

I saw this one in Winchester. Winchester benchThis is what they could see from the bench –


Winchester 2

Very romantic, I thought.

Bench Series


21 thoughts on “Bench Series: November – benches with messages

  1. And such good Tudor names, as well!

  2. An interesting find…..would be interesting to seek them out and find out how that love has lasted, eh?

  3. Oh, I love that bench! What a lovely place to sit in the midst of blooming love. 🙂

  4. I love this , Elaine. Very romantic indeed, and there for all to see . 🙂

  5. Winchester is a delightful city, I quite fancied living there at one point, but we couldn’t find a suitable house. Your bench is great – what a lovely message and yes, what lovely Tudor names to go with the setting. Is one of these buildings where the Round Table is kept?

  6. Elaine, I have that exact same photo of the Tudor buildings, but I don’t recall seeing that gorgeous bench. Did you know the house where Jane Austen lived for a few months until she died is just around the corner and through the medieval gate?

    • Looking at the photo again, I wonder if perhaps the bench is not actually very old? I had read about Jane Austen’s house, but think I must just have missed it, despite going through the medieval gate. Maybe I was running out of time by that point – I had a train to catch!

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