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In praise of autumn colours


I’ve just returned home from a week visiting my mum in Scotland.  On Friday I wrote in my letters about the autumn colours I saw on the motorway when I was driving up – mainly to do with roadworks and heavy traffic and with slightly negative thoughts, so today I would like to redress the balance and write about how glorious the colours were that I saw when we were out and about in the car.

It did rain a fair bit last week, but the bright colours shone through.  We also had a few beautiful sunny days when the colours were absolutely magnificent, and seemed to glow.  Unfortunately there never seemed to be the opportunity to stop and take photos, so I have just had to hold most of their beauty in my mind.

I did have one chance though, when driving through the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park on our way to visit my sister.  We rounded a bend in the road, quite high above the waters of Loch Achray,  and were presented with the most fabulous view of a loch which was as calm as a millpond and with the colours of autumn reflected on it.  It was breathtaking, but there was nowhere to pull in and stop to take a picture.  By the time a suitable parking spot came up the view was still lovely, but the amount of water we could see was much reduced because we had come down the hill.  Here are the photos that I took.  You can see the reflections in the water, but if you imagine being able to see twice as much water in the foreground, you might be able to appreciate how fantastic it looked.

Loch Achray Tigh Mor

Loch Achray autumn view

Loch Achray autumn reflections


10 thoughts on “In praise of autumn colours

  1. It’s lovely but then autumn is a wonderful season and I love Scotland. Here in my part of Tasmania we have the same trouble with narrow roads and no place to pull off when you see something fabulous you would love to photograph. Luckily we can store the pictures in our heads but it’s harder to share them.

  2. even half of what you saw is stupendous – the breadth of colour doubled up in reflection must have been breathtaking – what a lucky break!

  3. I’m always bemoaning the fact that the best scenes seem to show up at the very moment you absolutely can’t pull over and snap them. Most frustrating. Still, you managed some gorgeous shots here…..jealous on all levels!

  4. We don’t really do lay-bys for pulling over and taking photos at viewpoints like they do in the US and Canada. I get so frustrated driving and seeing an amazing view and not find anywhere suitable to pull over until long past the vista. I do wish we were better at this. It would make so much difference for tourists too. Thank goodness you managed to take a few photos 🙂

  5. Lovely photos all the same, Elaine. These places of outstanding natural beauty really should have stop of points to grab photos or to just be in the moment with. That said, with my recent experiences of other road users, I doubt they’d see the view, let alone the lay by!

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