I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

colours of autumn in the Campo de Fiori


We came across the lovely Campo de’ Fiori market in Rome as we were walking around, exploring the streets. The little square was full of stalls of all types – local crafts, kitchen utensils, cheeses, fabrics, spices, olive oils – with cafés round the sides.  Its name means field of flowers, and has had various uses over the years – two of them being a horse market and a public execution square.   Although it is a little bit touristy, it is a market that is used by locals too.

There was a wonderful vegetable stall, which really caught my eye because of the colours.

I liked this display of autumn produce that the stall holder had created.

arty veg display


4 thoughts on “colours of autumn in the Campo de Fiori

  1. Looks yummy and perfect colours!

  2. Nothing like a good food market for colours and shapes. Very autumnal 🙂

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