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Wendover Woods


It was a dull, grey day when we visited Wendover Woods in Buckinghamshire.  It wasn’t actually raining, but the air was very damp and it was quite blustery at times.  The woods are very family friendly and have several types of trails that you can follow – some for gentle walking, some for more strenuous walking, horse tracks and cycle tracks.  Fortified by a hot coffee from the café we set off on the 4.9km (2.8 miles) trail which the literature suggested would take us 2 hours.

Wendover Woods 1

Some autumn leaves were still clinging tenaciously to the trees, but the wind was whipping them off before our eyes.

Wendover Woods 2

Wendover Woods 6

There were two points in our walk where we were promised sweeping views over the Vale of Aylesbury.  I’m sure if the weather had been clear they would have been lovely, but this was the best we had.

Aylesbury Vale view

Vale of Aylesbury view

Near the end of the trail, look what we found – The Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo 2

Gruffalo plaque

Including stops to take photos, check the trail map and admire the ‘views’, the walk took us an hour and twenty minutes, so quite a bit less than the suggested time – perhaps the timings were based on strolling rather than walking.  I’ll definitely go back and try out some of the other trails.

I’m linking this with Jo’s Monday Walks.


21 thoughts on “Wendover Woods

  1. I had a good kick at those leaves, Elaine, though some of them were a bit damp 🙂 Many thanks for bringing the Gruffalo to my Monday walks. 🙂

  2. Even with the damp outlook, this walk looks lovely. I enjoyed coming along with you Elaine.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on this autumn walk, Elaine. I love shuffling along in damp leaves on a grey cool day. Somehow it seems like you really connect with the earth. 🙂

  4. A Gruffalo at the end? How could this be anything than the best walk ever with that?! Very cool!

  5. How lovely to find the Gruffalo at the end!

  6. Still looks pretty despite the grey day! So sad to see all the lovely autumn leaves on the ground now 😦

  7. I love the picture of the leaf covered path. Great photos and a great walk I am sure.

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  9. Really captures a good Autumn walk. Sunny today but it has been so miserable and wet. Must get out more when in London.

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