I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure



I’m a great fan of Lego, and have written about it previously here (a fantastic exhibition) and here (a gift I was given).  I am so happy that it is becoming much more acceptable for adults to admit that they love Lego enjoy building the models.  It used to be that the only opportunity adults had to play with Lego was helping children with their models or going into a shop and browsing the shelves where the assistants would assume that they were looking for something for a child.  Now, however, I can quite happily admit that it is something for me I might be thinking of buying, and there are a growing number of models which have a suggested age range of 16+.  A few months ago I finally treated myself to a model that I had had my eye on for a while and, as he was packing it up, the assistant asked who it was for.  When I told him it was for me he didn’t bat an eyelid, but offered me a card so that I could be part of the Lego reward program.  Exciting!

1,334 pieces later, I am very pleased with my Lego camper van.

Lego camper van

What prompted this post today is that yesterday I saw that someone has invented Lego slippers so that you don’t hurt your feet if you step on a Lego brick, which is possibly one of the most painful things you can do.  Of course I am sure that wearing normal shoes, or slippers with a firm sole would do the trick, but specific Lego footwear might be fun (although I don’t think they look very comfortable actually).

photo credit : piwee.net

photo credit : piwee.net

Are you a Lego fan?


19 thoughts on “Lego

  1. What a whizz is your camper van, Elaine. I love it. Not sure about the slippers style-wise, but can see their utility if this is going to become a bigger pursuit :). (I can see what might turn up in your Xmas stocking). I have a good chum, a grown up, who has some fab lego kits, AND she’s adopted her offspring’s (also now grown up) old lego. She did have to give it a good clean though.

  2. Standing on Lego is almost as painful as standing on a plug!

    Love your campervan 🙂 That Lego exhibition is in Zurich now and I’ve already informed Jan that I neeeed to go!

  3. Elaine, I love your campervan. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Lego models. Mr ET would like them. I must do some research.

  4. I saw these advertised yesterday too and I thought they were a hoot. There is no end to what they will make just to catch a few more bucks, huh?

  5. Love the camper van! I was a huge Lego fan too. Standing on the bricks is not good, but those slippers look dreadful! More likely to cause yourself an accident wearing them.

  6. Great job, Elaine. Our son was a keen LEGO maker when he was young, and I was always treading on odd pieces which had escaped the net. I think that my Havaianas would be just as effective as those slippers, which I would probably step out of as they don’t have a toe thong.

  7. I am not! BUT my kids love it and so do a bunch of our friends.
    Though, I might be into some of the architecture sets if we ever bought them!
    (Also, those slippers look too square for me – which is probably on purpose to mimic legos but looks odd to me!)

  8. Yay! If only it was life size, we could take a trip 🙂 Ouch- no, not that kind 🙂

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