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Bench Series: November – benches with messages #4


For the month of November, Jude at Travel Words has asked us to share benches which have messages, or are autumnal.

I saw this one during my walk in Wendover Woods recently.  I thought the sentiment behind the words was lovely.

Wendover Woods bench with plaque 2

Wendover Woods plaque 2

“For Celia & Peter Kendal, two people that shared special times and are now re-united forever to sit and watch the world go by.”

This is their view which, on a clear day, would have been wonderful.  Just out of the shot, on the left, is the Gruffalo.

Wendover bench view

Bench Series


11 thoughts on “Bench Series: November – benches with messages #4

  1. That IS a nice sentiment.

  2. A very moving plaque, Elaine. What a beautiful view! 🙂

  3. Very nice. You can almost visualise them sitting there and smiling together at that view.

  4. Aw, how sweet! You’ve made me all teary and sentimental 🙂

  5. What a nice way to remember special people.

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