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Nosing around Admiralty Arch


Admiralty arch nose 2











Yesterday I posted a picture of a nose on Admiralty Arch in London, but didn’t explain it, which I hope didn’t lead to too many of you having a sleepless night wondering what it’s all about.

The nose appeared in 1997 and here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it –

“The London Noses or Seven Noses of Soho are an artistic installation found on buildings in London. They are plaster of Paris reproductions of the artist’s nose which protrude from walls in an incongruous and unexpected way. They were created by artist Rick Buckley in 1997. Initially, about 35 were attached to buildings such as the National Gallery and Tate Britain but now only about 10 survive.

The artist was provoked by the controversial introduction of CCTV cameras throughout London and installed the noses under the noses of the cameras. The prank was not publicised and so urban myths grew up to explain the appearance of the noses. For example, the nose inside the Admiralty Arch was said to have been created to mock Napoleon and that the nose would be tweaked by cavalry troopers from nearby Horse Guards Parade when they passed through the arch.”

London Walking Tours has a great article about where the other noses (or some of them) can be found. I haven’t looked for any of the other ones, but I think it might be fun!


5 thoughts on “Nosing around Admiralty Arch

  1. Ah, a nose tour through London. I rather like the sound of that. And thank you for the explanation, I shall sleep tonight… 😉

  2. You could conduct guided tours called “Follow Your Nose”!

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