I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the Black Friday edition


Dear weather,  You certainly keep us guessing if nothing else.  I feel we have gone straight from late summer/early autumn weather to serious winter.  Earlier this week we had frosty mornings and then end of the week has been cold and damp.  A gradual easing into winter would have been better really. 

Dear winter clothes,  Hello warm coat, scarf and gloves.

Dear mum with the lively toddler,  I was astonished to see you walking along holding your son’s hand with him on the traffic side of the pavement rather than the inside.  My heart was in my mouth as I approached you in the line of cars – he wouldn’t have stood a chance if he had managed to get away from your grip.  I really think you should have at him on your other side – or on a lead so that he couldn’t get away!

Dear birds, Sorry it took me so long to replenish the feeders, and it was nice to see such a wide selection of you in the garden yesterday.

Dear Black Friday,  I think I said this last year, but why do we celebrate you in this country when we don’t have Thanksgiving?  Oh, and another thing – you seem to last a week to ten days now, not just the one Friday. I suppose it’s all a subtle (or not so subtle actually) to give us all more time to go shopping (online or in person) and spend even more money.

chickenshoppingHappy Friday everyone!


10 thoughts on “Friday letters – the Black Friday edition

  1. To my mind, Black Friday is a very good day to not go shopping. Love the cartoon. 🙂 Your weather sounds quite the opposite to ours. I can hardly wait to experience it at Christmas. 😕

  2. Winter hit suddenly and very cold here too, and I am slow to adjust this year. I am longing for warmth – already.

  3. Yes, I am thoroughly fed up with all the Black Friday sales emails landing in my inbox since Monday 😦
    USA you can keep this one please.

  4. There is nothing I need so badly that I would go to the shops when crazy sales are on. In fact, I find shopping quite ghastly most of the time. Black Friday has invaded our shores too, but people must participate or it wouldn’t happen. Hideous!

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