I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the personal space edition


Dear fellow train passenger,  Why, when you have an entire empty, long station platform to choose from, do you come and stand right next to me?

Dear scented candles,  I’m enjoying some new ‘flavours’ this year, particularly Season of Peace, which is burning just now.

Dear Christmas mugs,  You make me smile every time I have a hot drink.

Dear Christmas baking,  I really must get on with you soon.

Dear bookshops,  Stop tempting me!  I now have another book on my ‘to be read’ pile!

pi-savage-chickensHappy Friday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the personal space edition

  1. Happy Friday to you too, Elaine. Maybe that fellow train passenger liked the look of you. 🙂 My books to read are also piling up.

  2. Ah bookshops… I can never come out of one empty handed!

  3. Mine too. I’ve started collecting them on Kindle whenever possible. That helps. 🙂

  4. Maybe that other passenger was a little lonely. It was an extra special Friday for me – the last day of our academic year. Yippee for summer holidays.

  5. There are some lovely smelly ones but some of them give me a headache 🙂 Happy baking!

  6. I have to find the seat or space furthest away from anyone when I travel on public transport, Elaine, although I don’t do it often. I remember once travelling home from Birmingham on the train, and, unfortunately it was packed. Fortunately, there was only one seat left, an aisle seat, obviously next to someone, so I had to take it. Then someone else got on the train and literally sat on my shoulder for the whole journey… I make sure I keep well away now…

    And yes, bookshops are terrible and tempting us, aren’t they?

  7. My books to read will never stop growing! Can’t wait till you get busy on your holiday baking so we can partake!!

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