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Bench Series: December – the New Orleans collection


For the month of December, Jude at Travel Words has asked us to share any  benches we like.  Today I am sharing some benches from my visit to New Orleans.  I’ve already used a few benches from that visit, but these ones got missed out for some reason.

This bench, in Jackson Square, must be the longest park bench I have seen –

Jackson Square benchAlongside the Square we have a band on a bench –

band on a bench

A pensive market girl sits on a bench in the French Quarter –

market girl in French Quarter

These benches puzzled me – surely it would be nicer to be able to sit facing the Mississippi than having your back to it?

back to the Mississippi

To get from the main part of town to where the above benches are, you walk along the riverfront path through Woldenberg Park.  Here is Mr Woldenberg having a chat –

Woldenberg park figures

Woldenberg Park plaque

Last but not least, a bench in St Louis Cemetery #3 –

St Louis Cemetery bench

Bench Series


15 thoughts on “Bench Series: December – the New Orleans collection

  1. Very interesting benches, Elaine, especially the Woldenberg sculptures. 🙂

  2. You must be a fellow bench addict Elaine 🙂
    And yes, why are those benches facing away from the view?

  3. Maybe it gets very windy by the Mississippi, Elaine… 😉
    I like the ornate cemetery benches.

  4. This is a lovely collection Elaine. How nice for Mr Woldenberg to be remembered as someone who left a legacy of caring and confidence.

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  6. An interesting selection! I’m also puzzled about sitting with your back to the river.

  7. Thanks. You have a very good eye. So many fascinating things around us if we took the time to observe. Regards Thom.

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