I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the musical puzzle edition


Dear Luton Airport,  Thank you for, once again, delivering my mum safely to me at the start of her Christmas break with us.  The Special Assistance team member was excellent and helped me to take her all the way to the car, negotiating the upheaval of the terminal buildings and car parking areas as you upgrade yourself to something bigger and, you tell us, better.

Dear weather,  I am sorry to be writing to you once more, but please can we have something that is a bit more winter-like?  The daffodils are beginning to appear out of the ground and I have heard that in some places blossom is coming out on the trees.  It is all going to end in tears, I am quite sure, when a hard frost suddenly hits us and the plants can’t cope.

Dear Beethoven,  I hope you enjoyed the celebrations on the 16th December which marked the 245th anniversary of your baptism.  The Google Doodle produced in your honour was excellent, and provided an interactive musical puzzle.  I was very pleased with myself when I got it all correct.

Dear readers,  Here is the link to the Beethoven Google Doodle if you’d like to try it out.

Happy Friday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Friday letters – the musical puzzle edition

  1. Love the Google Doodle. 🙂 Have a very special time with your mom. I wouldn’t mind if the mild weather holds out until after our trip to England. 🙂

  2. You’re right – the weather is doing itself, us and the plants no favours, Elaine. I must admit I prefer the cooler weather anyway… these warm winters are very confusing!
    I enjoyed the musical doodle – took me a couple of attempts on all of them, but I did them!

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  4. I played the musical puzzle game the other day and got it all correct too. Isn’t Google clever. I enjoy seeing their special ways of recognising people and events.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your Mum and your family.

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