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Friday letters – the New Year edition


Dear New Year, It’s nice to see you again, but it hardly seems any time since you were last here! 

Dear town planners, Whatever made you think it was a good idea to put the main car parks for the shopping mall (and the mall itself) in the middle of a ring road which is used by a lot of the traffic which is passing through the town in addition to shoppers?  It was grid-locked madness in the run up to Christmas.

Dear weather, I think there has been enough rain now, thank you.  The people who have been flooded really need some time to cope with what happened without some more of the wet stuff coming their way.  I’m thankful that we have been spared the worst of it – it must be awful for those who have not.

Dear fellow bloggers, I am beginning to find some time to catch up with you all, but it is still very much a work in progress.

Dear snowdrops,  It probably won’t be long before we see you this year because things are very advanced in the early spring flowers department and you are already a couple of inches out of the ground.  I’m looking forward to a display as wonderful as the one you produced last year.

snowdrops 2

Happy Friday everyone!


10 thoughts on “Friday letters – the New Year edition

  1. Happy New Year! It’s supposed to snow in the North East over the weekend.

  2. Beautiful Snowdrops, Elaine. I really feel for those people affected by the flooding. I wish some of that excess rain would travel over to South Africa where they are in dire need of it.

  3. Happy New Year! Love those snowdrops and I too hope the rain/flooding issues take at least a time out. The pix have been really something horrible to see.

  4. Snow drops again already! How lovely

  5. Thanks. Lovely to think of the glory of the snowdrops. Best wishes for the year ahead – may it bring many happy surprises as well as established pleasures. Regards Thom.

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