I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the mid January edition


Dear sunshine, Welcome back!

Dear windows, Now that we have had a little sunshine, I can see that your insides badly need some attentionAnother little (!) cleaning job to add to my list.

Dear cyclists,  Here I go again.  You must be fed up with me writing letters to you.  It is bad enough that you are riding around on the roads on dark evenings in dark clothes with no lights, but when you are also doing that on the pavement as I am walking along, it is an accident narrowly avoided, especially as I was keeping my head down to avoid being dazzled by the lights of the nose-to-tail traffic and to make sure I wasn’t going to trip on a loose paving slab. Dodging overhanging branches was another reason that I wasn’t looking far ahead all the time, so didn’t see you coming.  It wasn’t just one person, either, it happened twice over a relatively short distance.  Small children on bicycles on the pavement I can accept, but not adults.

Dear helicopter,  What were you doing flying so low over the house this morning?  You were very noisy.

Dear TV programme schedulers,  It’s happening again – there are several programmes that I would enjoy watching on at the same time.  I wish you would consult me before you finalise your schedules.


Happy Friday everyone!


11 thoughts on “Friday letters – the mid January edition

  1. LOVE the savage chicken!! And yes, why is it that for months you are scratching around the TV Guide looking for a decent program to watch and then come January there are some cracking shows all scheduled at 9 pm? I have to juggle with what to record, what to record on the plus 1 channel (if that is possible), what is being repeated so I can maybe catch it then, and what is the least likely to be repeated at some time in the future. No wonder I don’t have time to do the housework (and yes, my windows are looking very sorry for themselves too… not to mention that I can see the cobwebs in the corners)
    Have a good weekend Elaine, enjoy the sunshine if you can 🙂

    • Your description of struggling with what to record is exactly the same as happens to me! Tomorrow night will be a case in point with Call the Midwife, War and Peace, Endeavour and something else I can’t remember just now, but they are all clashing and all things I would like to see! Thank goodness for plus 1 channels and how did we ever use to manage in the olden days before we had the luxury of being able to record anything at all?

  2. Hooray for sunshine! Even when it highlights all the grime on the windows.

  3. Chicken is so right! 🙂 Please don’t report on the condition of your windows. I’m sure they would put mine to shame 😦

  4. So agree with the chicken. I also hate cleaning windows. Have a great weekend and don’t waste it on cleaning. 🙂

  5. Please send your lovely window cleaner round to my place asap.

    You would be forgiven for not watching for cyclists on the footpaths while you are concentrating on walking safely when you’re not expecting them to be there in the first place. How dangerous.

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