I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the California edition


Dear San Francisco, I wish we had had longer, because there is so much more to see and do than we managed in two days.  

Dear legs, I am pleased that you did not let me down as we cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge. Thankfully we got the ferry back again because I think a return journey by bike might have been too much.

Dear electric bikes, What a marvellous invention you are!

Dear elephant seals, It was amazing to see so many of you on the beach – from old males to new born pups.  It was like watching a wildlife documentary and I kept expecting David Attenborough to appear and provide some commentary.

Dear William Randolph Hearst, You have a magnificent house and the view is fantastic.

Happy Friday everyone!


10 thoughts on “Friday letters – the California edition

  1. Oh! Very much appreciate this post of things to do in SanFran as we have upcoming trip that includes it in a few months! Thanks!

  2. Oh, so you were much luckier with the weather at Hearst Castle if you actually had a view! Must be incredible. And those elephant seals are magnificent animals, the males are so big – hope you see some sea lions and harbour seals in La Jolla.

  3. You cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge, Elaine? It always seems so busy!

    • They have separate lanes at the side of the car lanes for bikes and pedestrians, otherwise I would never have contemplated the trip. It was still a bit hairy at times as pedestrians and bikes mingled together (despite what the signs said) and some cyclists were going past us very fast ( obviously not tourists like us!).

  4. As a person who rode a bicycle into a hedge in Germany, I would not be attempting to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. I am very impressed that you did, Elaine. Well done.

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