I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the second March edition


Dear washing machine, Please can you work a bit faster, I am impatient to get things done.

Dear magpies,  Do you realise how amusing you look, trying to eat the bird food in the feeders when you can’t actually grasp on to them.  Jumping up and pecking at the fat ball quickly before landing on the ground again doesn’t seem particularly efficient!

Dear grass,  Well, the plans of last Friday to give you a cut last weekend were, and continue to be, thwarted by the heavy rain we have been having since then.  It’s going to take a lot of dry sunny days before you are going to be close to a chance of a cut.  Sorry.

Dear garden birds, I’m pleased to see you have continued to visit all week.  In fact you have been there in such numbers that I’ve had to refill the feeders a couple of times.

Dear bird bath,  You must be feeling very pleased.  At last, the birds have been using you – not for bathing at the moment, but I’ve seen a few this week having a drink.


Happy Friday everyone!


17 thoughts on “Friday letters – the second March edition

  1. Love it! (Btw my washing machine is on its last legs!)

  2. Haha, love the washing machine one. They really do seem to take forever!

    YOu don’t really see magpies here. I did see storks flying around yesterday though – they nest in the zoo, which I live close to.

  3. My new washing machine takes an absolute age, but does a great job. I’m grateful for it. Love the bidet cartoon. 🙂 Happy non-mowing weekend to you.

  4. we have a daily routine with the bird feeders and bird bath, and also nuts for the squirrels. wouldn’t miss doing it for anything

  5. It sounds like spring is well on the way.

  6. Happy Friday, Elaine (it’s Saturday here now, however!) Hopefully the weather will start to improve from now on, so you can get out into the garden with all your other visitors!

  7. I have to buy tokens for the washing machine from my house manager. Some weeks I don’t see him which means no washing 😉 Fun for a week or so but then… 😉

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