I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the third March edition


Dear Glasgow, It’s been a while since I drove around your city centre streets, so I am very thankful that you are based on a grid system which is very helpful when you think you know where you are heading, but are suddenly confronted by an unexpected dead end, or no entry sign. 

Dear sunshine,  It was great to have a whole day of you a couple of days ago.  From first light until sunset the sky was blue and cloudless and the countryside looked lovely.

Dear fox,  Don’t think I didn’t spot you, lurking a few gardens along as I turned my car into my mum’s driveway.  You looked very bold, standing there staring at me.  I wonder where you were off to?

Dear Cadbury’s Creme Eggs,  I looked at you the other day, and wondered about buying one. However I decided against it as I am still concerned about the fact that the chocolate has been changed from Dairy Milk  to some ‘chocolate flavoured’ concoction.  I have decided to keep my fond memory of how you used to taste intact and not have it spoiled by this interloper.

Dear Easter,  Next Friday is Good Friday – how did we get here so quickly??


Happy Friday everyone!


15 thoughts on “Friday letters – the third March edition

  1. I haven’t tried the new Creme Egg and I don’t think I want to! Apparently it’s like cheap advent calendar chocolate.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I was very wary of the Creme Egg chocolate change too, but I can honestly say I didn’t notice the difference. The over-riding thing about Creme Eggs, in my experience, is their immense sweetness and nothing’s changed there. Horrendously and deliciously sweet.

  3. Happy Friday, Elaine!
    Yes, they’re as bold as brass, them foxes… and yes, I’m with you. I don’t want to be let down by a penny-pinching creme egg!

  4. Sigh! So now creme eggs become just a distant memory. Given my waistline these days it is probably just as well. Love the Savage chickens, made me laugh! Have a good weekend Elaine.

  5. Easter already…Yay, only four days left until school holidays!

  6. I hate all that yellow yucky stuff in the middle of creme eggs, Elaine, so that’s one less disappointment for me to have to deal with. Bring on the Easter bunny! 🙂 Mum doing ok?

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