I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Home made take away coffee?


I saw an advert for this on TV two nights ago and then spotted it in the supermarket yesterday.


A rather blurry photo I’m afraid.

I’m a bit puzzled by the concept of making a take away coffee at home.  Is it so that you can save even more time in the mornings and walk out of the door actually drinking your coffee? I do wonder what is happening these days that we cannot manage to go anywhere or do anything without a coffee in our hands – and preferably in a cardboard cup with a plastic lid.


27 thoughts on “Home made take away coffee?

  1. That is weird and yes I have noticed more and more here that pop up coffee stalls are appearing everywhere and I see more and more people carrying coffees in the city. Used to be that at work you had an urn or electric jug and just made your coffee or tea when you got there. All those bought coffees must get expensive not to mention all those plastic cups. I like a coffee as much as anyone but I like to sit down at a cafe and have it in a proper china cup.

  2. Very weird. I don’t know why people have to take coffee with them wherever they go. 😕

  3. I confess to sometimes taking a coffee with me if I have to go somewhere early in the morning. And I do occasionally stop at one of those coffee stalls when I’m running errands – most often in warm weather when I’ll get a smoothie or cold blended coffee to quiet the ramblings of a stomach that wants food when I don’t want to take the time to stop for lunch.

  4. I’ve never taken a coffee anywhere with me, Elaine… I mustn’t be ‘hip’! I’ve also not seen your featured coffee either… although I probably won’t buy it when I do!

  5. And apparently all those cardboard recyclable cups are not recyclable at all due to the plastic coating 😦
    I’m not a fan of takeaway coffee though during the long drive to Cornwall I have indulged.

    • I think the only time I have a take away coffee is on long drives too. My routine for driving up to Scotland, and back, is to break my journey at two particular service stations and after my ‘comfort’ break I pick up a coffee (extra hot to make it last longer) and sip it as I go along. It helps to keep me going. I heard on the news this week about those cardboard cups – imagine the increasing amount of landfill that they are producing.

  6. I don’t get it either. Why not sit and enjoy it at home.

  7. It seems to be current fad!

  8. I’ll bet it doesn’t taste as good as a freshly made coffee from a coffee shop. It is remarkable how takeaway coffees have become so ubiquitous. As much as I enjoy them myself, I do worry about the amount of throwaway packaging being created. Both Costa and Starbucks sell very sturdy reusable plastic cups, and I think the idea is that you can use them whenever you buy coffee, instead of paper cups. I should really invest in one, although I don’t know how Starbucks would feel about putting their coffee into a reusable Costa cup, or vice versa. They should be encouraging reuse of cups and be content that you’re buying coffee from them without insisting that you advertise the fact every time. Perhaps I should put this to the test, buy a reusable Costa cup and then take it empty into Starbucks and see if they’ll fill it up for me.

  9. Eeew, no thanks. I hate drinking out of those cups with plastic lids. I’d rather go without. I’m not fussed about drinking on the run either. I must be getting old!

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