I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Blogging anniversary today




Happy Saturday, and Happy Easter!

To read more sets of six words for a Saturday head over to Cate at Show My Face.


30 thoughts on “Blogging anniversary today

  1. What a great way to celebrate six years of blogging with a Peanuts Cartoon Strip. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Happy Blogday, Elaine! Time certainly does fly. It may not seem to be going in the right direction at times… but it certainly flies by!
    Hope you have a good Saturday.

  3. Six years! Well done. I’m just approaching 3 years and hope I’ll still be here in another three.

  4. Congratulations!! A great achievement !

  5. That is a long time to be blogging! Please keep it up. I enjoy reading your Six Word Saturday posts each week.

  6. Six years – they say you’re serious about blogging if you stay at leas 5 years, so you graduated:): Congrats!

  7. My 6th blogaversary is also coming up in a couple of weeks. We’re the stayers!

  8. Six for me, too; just under 1,000 posts. Happy Blogaversary!

  9. Good grief! Six! You must have been in at the beginning 🙂 I do love the Easter Beagle. Happy Easter, Elaine! Are you at Mum’s?

  10. Well done. Six years is quite an achievement. Happy anniversary and Happy Easter.

  11. Happy Anniversary! I enjoy your blog, so keep it up.

  12. Happy Blogiversary, Elaine. Hope you’re having a splendid Easter. 🙂 xx

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