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Garden photography March: wildlife in the garden #3


In the area around the lakes in Celebration, Florida I came across this rather large grasshopper.  His bright colours warn predators to stay away as he is toxic, but he will also make a loud hissing noise and secrete an irritating foul-smelling spray if picked up.  Luckily I just looked and didn’t touch!

lubber grasshopper

Eastern lubber grasshopper

lubber grasshopper 2

I might look pretty, but stay away!

I’m linking this post with Jude’s garden challenge for March. 


17 thoughts on “Garden photography March: wildlife in the garden #3

  1. Wow, that’s a whopper!! Caution is definitely to be advised. 😯

  2. good grief, he must have been born in the jurassic age!

  3. 😯 Crikey, Elaine! That’s a big one!

  4. Yikes! You can keep him! Reminds me of the crickets known as ‘Parktown Prawns’ in Johannesburg – they scared me to death as they would leap out of the compost heap or fall into the pool. Yours is more colourful though 🙂

  5. He’s a whopper and not particularly beautiful. I have a thing about grasshoppers jumping on me, so I would have stayed away from this gigantor.

    • Oddly enough it didn’t occur to me at the time that it might have jumped on me (but next time I see one it might!), however if that had been a large spider I would have stayed well away. Urgh..

      • Spiders I can handle. They are easy to whack with a shoe. I don’t like the way grasshoppers jump everywhere. The other night there was a small scorpion on our bedroom floor. I have no idea how he got in, but he didn’t last long before Mr ET did away with him. Yuk!

  6. Jesus. I’m impressed you got close enough to photograph him! I’d have run a mile!

  7. He’s a big fella. Better from a distance I think.

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