I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

In search of bluebells


Having heard a rumour a few days ago that bluebells have been making an early appearance in the south of England, I thought I’d better take myself off to the woods post haste in case I missed them. So, at the weekend I visited the area where I have usually seen vast swathes of bluebells carpeting the ground and stretching off into the distance.

On the way into the woods, I first had to check on the progress of the weeping willow tree, which last year suffered some damage and the main trunk broke off.  It used to be such a tall, majestic tree and it seems sad to see it as a shadow of its former self.  The buds are beginning to appear.

weeping willow I saw a pair of ducks were dabbling around in the water.  There were some moorhens too, but they had swum off before I had my camera ready.

mallards Over the canal next,  looking in both directions to see what was happening.


canal Then I followed the path through the woods and off to places where I knew I would find bluebells.

Along the way I saw a few trees with leaves beginning to appear, vibrant green moss, fungi, interesting bark and some primroses.

A horse and rider passed by,

I walked by all the areas where I would normally see the blue carpet of bluebells, but everywhere I looked the carpet was still green…

… I was giving up hope, when at last I spotted it – one single bluebell, all on its own in the acres of green leaves.


Success – although I don’t think this can count as our local bluebells being out yet.  I’ll give it another week or so and go and look again.

I’m linking my woodland walk with Jo’s Monday Walk.



21 thoughts on “In search of bluebells

  1. Oh, you wild optimist, you! 🙂 🙂 Maybe another few weeks, Elaine? Hope you had a great Easter! At Mum’s?

  2. glad you got your bells but rather precocious for the time of year – hoping the big blue will begin in earnest the next 2-3 weeks

  3. Still looks like a lovely walk! Can’t wait till the bluebells arrive!

  4. One bluebell doth not a summer make…..with apologies to Aristotle. 🙂

  5. What a lovely walk and gorgeous photos. And mission accomplished! Even if only one.

  6. That is a little early for bluebells, but I love your optimism and you found some lovely nature photos on the way too 🙂

  7. Dear little thing. It’s a sign of beauty to come.

  8. Sorry, Elaine, I thought i’d commented on this post, but obviously I hadn’t!
    Lovely walk… and at least you got to see on Bluebell! Soon there will be many, I’m sure!

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  10. very enchandet! grazie mille, un saluto da Pisa

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