I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the April the first edition


Dear April Fools Day,   I just want you to know that I am on high alert for any nonsense this morning. 

Dear garden birds,  I’ve enjoyed another week of your bustling activity in the garden.  I’ll be out there in a little while, topping up the bird feeders again because you are getting through it all at quite a rate.  I’ve also noticed that a few of you are using the birdbath, for drinking rather than washing, which is good to see.  The birdbath has been in the garden for years and I don’t think I’ve ever spotted any of you using it.

Dear Easter chocolate,  At last you are all finished – I can relax!

Dear sunshine,  I am looking forward to being able to dry some washing outside today.  I wonder if anyone else feels happy about the thought of fresh-air dried washing when the weather starts to warm up in the spring?

Dear woodpecker,  Are you nesting nearby?   I’ve definitely seen two of you in the garden (one with red on the top of your head and one without) though not at the same time.  I wonder if there are baby woodpeckers on the way?


Happy Friday everyone!


18 thoughts on “Friday letters – the April the first edition

  1. Dear Elaine,
    Thanks for a witty post. The local birds around here are a little brave or stupid, I am not sure which as they are eating the cat food we put out for Mishmash, Ruthie (the butt ugly cat) and the Ginger cat who has taken up residence.

    Personally I prefer the birds to the Ginger cat and Ruthie.

    Happy April Fools Day

  2. Happy Friday to you and your lovely birds Elaine.

  3. Hehehe. Your bit about the Easter chocolate, I can definitely relate to, but thankfully I only got one bunny this year. 🙂 Lovely woodpecker photo. Happy weekend to you. x

  4. I didn’t fall for any April Fool’s pranks today, Elaine, although I was almost taken in by reports of Blackpool Front being closed due to the Tower collapsing… luckily, I was on the ball.
    And I love your woodpecker photo. I don’t think we get them around here…

    • You definitely have to be on your guard on April 1st. I saw some good ones this year – people are upping their game I think. I am always excited to see the woodpecker (s) and I put it down to the fact that we live near a big area of woodland., although I think this one is nesting in a nearby garden.

  5. It would be lovely to have woodpeckers in the garden! 🙂

  6. That’s so funny about the chocolate, I always feel like that when there’s tons of it in the house! Funnily enough, I can have hundreds of woodpeckers in the house and it doesn’t stress me at all 😉

    • Of course the sensible thing to do about the chocolate is to put some of it away for another time, but I find that hard to do. 🙂 Now, hundreds of woodpeckers might be a different story – imagine the mess. I might have to put some of them away in a cupboard!

  7. Congratulations on eating all the Easter chocolate in record time. I know what a big sacrifice this has been. You have done very well.

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