I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the April showers edition


Dear Spring, Things are moving along nicely now and I’m really enjoying all the magnolia trees that are blossoming around here.  I hope we don’t have a late frost which will ruin them.

Dear self,  Get out there in the garden and cut back those shrubs that need to be cut back in the Spring.

Dear people,  Why park under a sign that clearly tells you that only permit holders may park there at that time and then be surprised when the postman confirms that yes, it IS a controlled parking zone between 10.30am and 2.30pm?  Also, why decide to park there anyway and get cross when you get a parking ticket?  Why do some of you look annoyed when I helpfully tell you that between certain times it is permit holders only and that traffic wardens patrol the area with zeal during the restricted times?  I am only trying to save you from a £70 fine.

Dear roads,  It’s almost a pleasure to be driving round when you are so quiet due to it being the Easter break and you are not cluttered up with parents driving their little darlings to and from school (often a school which is well within walking distance!).

Dear April showers,  Would it be possible for you to restrict yourselves to the evenings or, better still, overnight?  You are really playing havoc with my plans to dry laundry outdoors.  On the plus side, I am getting a bit of exercise running in and out of the house bringing the washing in and putting it out again.


Happy Friday everyone!


32 thoughts on “Friday letters – the April showers edition

  1. Dear Elaine, oh dear, I’m one of the parents driving their little darlings to school…it is five miles – am I excused??? 😉

  2. My dad walks my little brother to school, rain or shine. It would probably take longer by car since you can’t drive it down all the little alleyways 😀

  3. Think I’d just get a tumble dryer if I lived in the UK – too unpredictable! My mam reckons it’s FREEZING in Ireland but I suspect she’s exaggerating! I’m very much enjoying spring here but exasperatingly seem to have suddenly developed hay fever!? I’m 38 for god’s sake!

    • I do have a tumble dryer, and use it quite a bit in the winter, but I like the idea of drying the clothes outside – cheaper too! A couple of years ago I developed hay fever (and I am older than you 😉 ). I think it is birch pollen, so luckily it doesn’t last long, but still is very annoying!

  4. I remember the days when I used be dashing in and out with the laundry basket. Here where we are in Florida, no laundry is allowed to be hung outside, so I’ve got used to the tumble drier with just a few clothes drying on hangers in the laundry room. It took a while, but I’ve been won over. What a public-spirited person you are to warn those pesky parkers. 🙂

  5. Here in our middle schools (it’s a very small town) it is required to walk to school once a month on a specified day! The streets are monitored by volunteer monitors (parents) or parents walk with the child to school. Yep, this includes teachers as well! Part of their fitness and wellness program!

  6. Re: the permit parking, some people just refuse to accept help. Well done for trying anyway, and good for you running in and out with the laundry. Much as I’d like mine to be billowing about outside I’m too lazy to even start on the in-out-in-out business.

  7. Kids get driven everywhere these days, my daughter is practically a taxi-driver, but she does walk the youngest to school and the other two catch a bus. I don’t ever remember my dad taxiing me around. It was either walk or bus to see friends and socialise. No mobile phones either and you hardly dare use the landline for pleasure! Surprising that we all survived our childhood isn’t it! And I can’t wait to get an outside drier and hang up the washing for the first time in 10 years!

  8. Elaine, those who park where they shouldn’t deserve to get a ticket, so I’d say leave them to it. Those who park where they shouldn’t are dillops, and you know my thoughts on them! 😀
    And yes – the rain dance! In, out, shake it all about! 😀 😀
    Happy Friday to you!

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  10. The April showers will be making the shrubs grow even faster. You’d better start pruning now, Elaine!

  11. Those chickens know best, Elaine. 🙂

  12. We are going into Autumn so I envy your spring. Enjoy!

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