I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the untitled edition


Dear daffodils,  I’m really enjoying seeing the vast swathes of you here in Scotland.  At home you are mainly all finished, especially along roadsides, but here you are still in full swing and there seem to be thousands of you everywhere.

Dear self,  Well done for getting out into the garden last weekend and cutting back those shrubs.

Dear tree/shrub sap,  You are very sticky, aren’t you?  I am not impressed that some of you is now on my coat, but I suppose it was rather foolish of me to wear a decent coat, rather than an old one, when popping out into the garden to cut back a few plants.  I will know better next time (I hope).

Dear roads,  Thank you for, once again, being quite quiet on the drive north earlier in the week.  It’s a shame about the rain, though, as we were driving through the Lake District because we couldn’t see a single bit of your beautiful countryside.

Dear St Andrews,  I am looking forward to visiting you tomorrow and being taken down memory lane.

chickenmugHappy Friday everyone!


18 thoughts on “Friday letters – the untitled edition

  1. Sounds as though you’ve had a rejuvenating week. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. The daffodils sound beautiful. I hope you’re taking lots of photos for us, Elaine. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Sounds wonderful. Hope you have great weather for the St. Andrews visit. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great week. Look forward to hearing more about your trip to Scotland 🙂

  5. Memory lane in St Andrews has a habit of being ‘under new management’ wherever you look. I hope the West Sands, Butts Wynd and Market Street at least are looking as you hope they will. Have fun! (and an ice-cream). Hope the weather isn’t too shocking. Not holding out much hope. Maybe you can hole up in the Jigger (if it’s still there!)

  6. Hope it isn’t too cold up there! How’s your mum doing?

    • It’s a bit brisk here just now, and we even had a brief ‘wintery’ shower yesterday, but as long as it stays dry enough to see where we are going, I will be happy! Mum is doing well, thanks, looking forward to our outing to St Andrews, and being a good girl and doing her exercises to speed up her recovery.

  7. I expect you’ll be noticing the difference in temperature, especially on the Fife coast. I always think of St Andrews as a cold place, but it makes up for that by being extremely attractive. I hope you can get the sticky ming off your coat okay.

  8. We still have daffodils too.I love them, they always look so cheerful 😀

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