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A successful search for bluebells


It turned out that I was a bit premature in my hunt for bluebells in the woods a few weeks ago, but I went back last week and this time the display was superb.  Not only was the display of blooms wonderful, but so was the smell.  I don’t remember noticing a smell in previous years, but this time it was really quite strong.  Perhaps it’s something that happens when they are only just in bloom and as the days pass the smell reduces – I’m planning a return visit very soon, so I’ll find out.

As I was heading for the bluebells there were lots of birds flying between the trees, or hopping in the undergrowth by the side of the path.  I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to capture most of them, however I did manage to get these two.

Nearly there now

My first glimpse

bluebell wood

Then everywhere I looked there were bluebells.

Oh, and over here there were some more…

At one point I could hear an insistent tapping sound so I stopped and looked round and spotted this hole about 10 feet up a tree.  The woodpecker inside it was obviously very busy.

woodpecker hole

Heading away from the bluebells and out of the woods, I stopped to take a photo of the beautiful blue sky, and was passed by a man and his friendly dog.

The canal lock and bridge were just visible through the branches, but in a few more weeks the leaves will be out and this particular view will have disappeared.


At the end of my walk I spotted a little bridge over the river that I don’t remember seeing before, so I think some trees or bushes must have been cut down.

river bridgeSo there we have it – a search that turned out to be very successful indeed this time!


13 thoughts on “A successful search for bluebells

  1. Yay, how lovely. I’ve only seen bluebells once, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. They were so pretty. But your display is much larger.

  2. So glad you managed to return in time to find them. I don’t recollect a smell. But gorgeous colour. Mine up tomorrow 🙂
    You should link this to Jo’s walks when she is back.

  3. They’re so lovely when they catch the sun!

  4. What a great walk you had, Elaine. Love the bluebells and the blue sky. That woodpecker had certainly been busy. 😀

  5. What a beautiful walk and amazing photos – you are very talented. I’d love to know where this is, any clues??

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