I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the final April edition


Dear birds,  It will be very noisy and busy in our garden for a while today when the tree surgeons are cutting back the silver birch tree but bear with it and service will be back to normal before long and the bird feeders will be returned to their positions (I have given particular instructions that the lower branches are left in place for that very purpose).

Dear slugs,  I have just read that there is going to be an explosion in  your population.  Apparently the wet summer last year followed by one of the mildest winters on record has helped to create a generation of you who haven’t hibernated but have spent the winter months eating and breeding. Can I politely request that you take yourselves off somewhere else and do your remaining eating and breeding there?  With the possibility of you laying 200 eggs per cubic metre, and there probably being thousands of you in my garden already, I would say that I have got more than enough of you thank you very much. 

Dear hedgehogs, Now would be a really good time to find my garden.  There are going to be hundreds of slugs – a veritable feast for you.  Bring your friends, and any toads or newts that you  meet on the way and you can all have a slug feast.

Dear orchids,  Why did you all look so beautiful and tempting in the Garden Centre yesterday?  I really didn’t need one, but I have to say you do look rather nice now that I have brought you home.

Dear readers,  Would you like to see another bluebell photo?  Yes?  Here it is…


Happy Friday everyone!


10 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final April edition

  1. Can never have too many bluebell photos. One can have too many slugs and snails though 😦
    Where are all the hedgehogs? I haven’t seen one in years.

    • I have only once seen a ‘real, live’ hedgehog, and that was in a friend’s garden. She puts out some cat biscuits every night just outside her door and one (there may be more actually) comes and eats them. The hedgehog I saw wasn’t put off by us opening the door and standing and watching.

  2. Of course we would like to see another bluebell picture!

    Haha, my grandma would definitely relate to your slugs letter! She hates them eating all her lovely flowers.

  3. I much prefer bluebells to slugs. The hedgehogs will be pleased to find a slug smorgasbord in your garden!

  4. Wonderful! I read an article about slugs recently, which referred to them in a rather sinister way as ‘sleepless slugs’. I don’t like the idea of them all taking over the Earth while we’re tucked up in bed. Lovely bluebells.

  5. I can never resist another orchid. 🙂

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