I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Weekly photo challenge: Earth


The Kitchen garden at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall.

This information about the garden is from the Lost Gardens’ website:

“Acting as a living window to the past, our award-winning restoration of the Victorian Productive Gardens stands as a working memorial to Heligan’s Lost Gardeners.

Intensively cultivated throughout the year, these gardens once met almost all the needs of the Tremayne family and their guests. Today, over 300 varieties of mostly heritage fruit, vegetable, salad and herbs are lovingly tended to supply the Heligan Kitchen with fresh, seasonal produce throughout the year. Here, Heligan’s unique palette of heritage flavours are incorporated within our daily lunch menu, so that you too can taste the fruits of our labours.

The Vegetable Garden, walled Flower Garden and Melon Yard are the stage for a glorious array of traditional crops and growing methods. Today’s Productive Gardening Team reflect the same numbers and horticultural practices as their Victorian predecessors. These labour-intensive gardening methods, which start with nurture of the soil, continue to hold great relevance and interest to anyone with a passion for ‘growing their own’.”

Weekly Photo Challenge


11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Earth

  1. It’s not everyone that has a melon yard Elaine. I rather fancy one xx

  2. I like your literal representation of ‘earth’ and you have reminded me that it is time to revisit Heligan 🙂

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  5. Inspiring post. I have 3 rhubarb plants and a gooseberry bush and your post makes me think I could expand a little ! Love your garden.

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