I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the halfway through May already edition


Dear squirrels, You are being very persistent lately and I am not happy that I have lost some of my spring bulbs – I hope you enjoyed eating them.  I also hope that the wire netting I have put round my flower pots will keep you off and stop you feasting on what is left.

Dear road marking people,   Good luck at the weekend trying to paint the lines back onto the road after its recent resurfacing when it is possibly the busiest time of the week.  Monday to Friday would have been much more sensible as there are not quite so many cars going up and down, or parked.  The shapes that the yellow lines make might be interesting as they are painted around the parked cars.

Dear days, Please could we have more than the regulation 24 hours for the next little while?  I have quite a lot to get done and there doesn’t seem to be enough time.

Dear lottery win, I’m waiting…  My list of places to visit (near and far) is getting longer by the week, and a nice windfall would really help things along.

Dear cherry blossom,  It’s always so sad when your petals end up on the pavement like pink snow – they look much better on the trees.

Happy Friday everyone!


24 thoughts on “Friday letters – the halfway through May already edition

  1. I can’t believe May is half over already. How did that happen?!

    My friend had a mouse break in to her kitchen to eat the tulip bulbs on the windowsill! She was less than impressed, as you can imagine.

  2. Love the chickens this week! I hope you manage to get everything done that needs doing! I wish the days would slow down too, the longest day is not too far ahead and I want these long light (when it isn’t raining) days to linger on much longer…

  3. Loved this post, as usual you always make me smile! I am so tired of rain everyday!

  4. Your squirrels remind me of the possums here. My daughter set up a little herb garden at her new home, in some nice terracotta pots, complete with a giant wire cage over the top to keep the possums from eating the plants.

    We reached an important halfway milestone here this week too. On Wednesday, we were halfway through the term. It’s an 11 week term this time, so we have one extra week. Six weeks down, five weeks to go.

  5. Most enjoyable, as ever. 🙂

  6. Discovered you’d linked to last weeks 6WS when I popped over there. Not sure if you knew? 🙂 🙂 Saturday hugs!

  7. Happy Friday, Elaine!
    Oh, number three would be very nice… I hope the days listen!

  8. I hope you do win the lottery! I’d like to win one myself. Lots of travel dreams and no money to go anywhere!

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