I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the final May edition


Dear colouring book, It is very tempting to spend many hours with you – if only I had the time.

Dear road marking people,   Well, you seemed to see sense and decide that last weekend would not have been a good time to repaint the lines.  Monday was much more practical.

Dear woodpecker, It was such a shame I didn’t have my camera immediately to hand yesterday when I spotted you drinking out of the bird bath. I know you need to have a drink like any other bird, but you just seemed quite out of place somehow.  Perhaps it was because you were standing on a flat surface rather than holding on to a tree trunk, or bird feeder.  It was also nice to see something other than a big fat wood pigeon perching there for a change.

Dear Bank Holiday weekend, Already? It doesn’t seem long since we last had a long weekend.  Not that I am complaining about the day off,  but this year is flying by!

Dear French Air Traffic Controllers,  I know you do it at the most inconvenient times because it has the most impact that way, but I am really hoping that you do not affect my travel plans for this weekend.  A long weekend in the mountains of the French Alps is what I am looking forward to, not a prolonged wait inside an airport.


Happy Friday everyone!


8 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final May edition

  1. I hope your travel plans aren’t affected! My dad’s cousin had a similar Facebook status to that letter, except hers was about the petrol situation.

    There were FOUR holidays for me in May (although only one was on a Monday, so only one long weekend, and 1st May was a Sunday so no extra day off). Unsurprisingly, May is my favourite month 😉 The final holiday was yesterday so now I have to wait alll the way til October for another one.

  2. We don’t get another long weekend until October either. Have a wonderful time in the Alps! Can’t wait to see the photos. ☺

  3. Have a super holiday…lots of love.

  4. Good luck at the airport, Elaine. Hope you have a great trip. I also wish you’d had your camera to hand for Mr. Woody. 🙂

  5. Enjoy your trip, Elaine. I hope you get there without a hold up!

  6. I need as many long weekends as I can get my hands on!! Hope your trip to France goes without a hitch.

  7. Have a great trip to the French Alps, Elaine! I see those meditative coloring books all over the place these days, but I’ve never tried one. Are they fun? Meditative? We also had a 3-day weekend in America for Memorial Day. It was nice, but alas, it is coming to a close now. 🙂

  8. I hope you had a smooth journey there and back to France, and a lovely weekend. I can imagine how odd it would seem to see a woodpecker on the bird bath, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one standing on a horizontal surface. Love the chickens cartoon. 🙂

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