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Friday letters – the woodpeckers edition


Dear Kew Gardens,  You are much bigger than I had imagined, and so we only saw a small part really, but another visit soon is definitely on the cards.  It’s a shame about the rain, but I suppose the plants benefited.  Having not been there for about twenty years, I really didn’t remember any of it at all apart from the palm house (which we didn’t have time to go into)!

Dear drivers,  A few good manners and we would all get to our destinations in a better mood.  When traffic is very heavy, why is it so hard to let cars in from side roads?  You don’t need to let them all in, but if each of us let one car in the traffic would flow more freely and we wouldn’t be sitting for ages going nowhere.

Dear woodpeckers,  I happened to have my camera handy this time when I spotted you in the birdbath, but I didn’t want to rush to the window in case the movement frightened you off, so the photos are taken a little way away from it.  Of course, typically, you shuffled up together as soon as I switched my camera on, but at least you didn’t fly away immediately.  I think you must have been an adult female and a juvenile, because one of you was quite speckled underneath and looked a bit fluffier than the other.  I hope you visit again soon.


Young woodpecker on the left, adult on the right.


Getting quite wet now – I might need to shake myself dry.


Ooops, that was a close one – I nearly fell off. I don’t think anyone noticed!

Happy Friday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the woodpeckers edition

  1. Hi Elaine,
    The woodpeckers are really cute, We have some in the woods behind the house, I have never seen them I do hear them at 6 in the morning…..

  2. I’ve never seen a real woodpecker. How cute is that baby! In Australia, the road rule is that you have to give way to merging traffic, so the ones entering from the side can join safely. Not that every driver does, but it’s usually the case.

    • I am still very excited by the thought that I have real live woodpeckers in my garden! Yesterday I went out to shoo a squirrel from one of the birdfeeders and disturbed a green woodpecker, which had been on the grass, blending in so well that I hadn’t noticed it from the house. I like the idea that you have a rule for merging traffic – we could do with something like that here.

  3. What a lovely post. Love those woodpeckers.

  4. Elaine,

    With no woodpeckers in New Zealand, I had no clue what they sounded like until I watched a BBC programme a few months ago called “Countryfile” and the presenter and expert/guide stood in the woods and pointed out the sound of one. Amazingly within a week I heard the same sound from our bedroom window, early morning and coming from trees somewhere in the neighbourhood.

    Naturally Himself looked at me very strangely when I raved excitedly “I’ve heard a woodpecker, my first woodpecker” because he assumed I was already familiar with the sound (but you cant identify the sound if you don’t know what sound you are looking for, of course)

    In the last two months I have heard them regularly and love being able to distinguish the sound of one bird in amongst the others. (which I CAN do with many native New Zealand birds). I’ve never seen a woodpecker though, except for book photos, the TV one and the cartoon Woody.

    Elaine, Your photograph therefore has the distinction of being the first “natural” image I have seen of a real woodpecker as in: “,in someone’s garden, up close and personal, not on TV and not from a book”. (if that makes sense?”

    They are lovely! I love how the little on struggles to keep his/her balance on the edge o the birdbath… THANK YOU for showing me something that is a real “first” for me…. and making my day!!!! 🙂

    • I watch Countryfile regularly – it’s a great programme. It’s funny you should mention hearing a woodpecker for the first time, because it is only recently that I have heard one myself. The ones in my garden must fly off somewhere else to sing their songs, or tap their treetrunks because I’m not aware of their sound. However, I was in the park recently and heard an unusual bird call and when I got home I went onto a website which has lots of bird sounds on it and discovered that what I was hearing was a woodpecker’s ‘song’!
      I am very glad to have made your day. 🙂

  5. Aww, the woodpeckers are adorable!

    A few more manners – and a bit of thought – would go a long way everywhere in life, not just on the roads! (Looking at you people who get off the escalator then just stop dead!)

  6. Lovely woodpeckers. Kew is a place I’ve never visited but I’d really like to. What is it with people not merging in turn? I find it frustrating, too.

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