I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Six Words on Sunday



I really should have kept quiet about it yesterday because about an hour into the Carnival/dog show the rain came on.  At first it was a few gentle spots (and the people who came prepared with umbrellas and waterproofs made use of them) but then it got heavier and heavier and people started to head off home.  In the end the dog show was halted for a while until conditions improved.  When it had eased to just being heavy rain rather than torrential rain, proceedings got under way again and the hardy people who braved the downpours enjoyed the rest of the show and displays.  It finally stopped just as the last group of dogs was being judged and stayed dry for a while to allow everything to be packed up.  We had heavy rain overnight and for most of the morning today.  That will teach me to say anything about the weather!



23 thoughts on “Six Words on Sunday

  1. It surely will! 🙂 I like the 6 words on Sunday notion. Are you going to play hostess?

  2. Oh dear, sounds like your event was a rather soggy affair. 😕

  3. You had me laughing with Snoopy! Bet those dogs honked a bit on the way home 🙂

  4. Lucky you had the job in the tent!

  5. You guys and your fair skins! We have fair skin here in CA, too, but it doesn’t deserve protection from the hot CA sun. In CA my step-son, Jason, got expelled from student teaching, I think in Visalia, because he refused to take off his hat – even outside they did not allow him or the kids to wear hats. They thought it looked gang-related, and set a bad example for the kids. Jason is bald, so he wore the hat for protection. They told him he could wear a cowboy hat – much more uncomfortable for him. He quit and went to a different district to finish his requirements. Then he moved to France. Enjoy your rain. We’d like some of it here! We use umbrellas here for protection from the sun. 🙂

    • That is dreadful, being expelled for wearing a hat to protect your head from the sun! It must be annoying to keep reading about us and our rain… I will see what I can do to arrange for some of it to head off your way.

      • Sounds good. We did have some Saturday night. That is pretty rare for us in June. It was dreadful, and shortsighted of the school district to deny kids and teachers the protection of hats and sunglasses, in some schools. I have cataracts because of sun exposure without protection. I wear them all the time now, but I don’t have to buck rules about protecting myself. It is never annoying to read about what you are doing and experiencing. That is the joy of blogging! 🙂

        • Are children not allowed to wear sunglasses either? I know it is unusual to see children wearing them, but their eyes need protection too. I wear mine a lot – even on overcast days.
          I am glad my rain talk is not annoying – and we had more of it today, but not as much as yesterday so hopefully some of it decided to travel to CA instead. 🙂

          • That insane rule doesn’t exist in all public schools, but it does in some. On a different subject, the weather here has been cool for the last couple of days. Yeah! We had rain on Sat. It will be back up to over 100 by next week. 😦

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