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…but now I'm not so sure

June: the essence of summer #1


This white saxifrage always reminds me of childhood and when it appeared in the garden I knew that summer had arrived and with it the prospect of the long school holidays.  I only have a small pot of it, which I brought down from my mum’s garden a couple of years ago, but I am hoping to encourage it to spread a little and then I will plant it out into the garden.

white saxifrage

white saxifrage

white saxifrage

This post is linking up with The Earth Laughs in Flowers .


11 thoughts on “June: the essence of summer #1

  1. Oh, I had a pot of pink Saxifrage that I brought back from Wales – sadly it fell foul of one of our wet winters 😦
    I do like your white version and I love the close ups! Such small delicate flowers.

  2. I had this planted in an old wheelbarrow out front for a few years, but it didn’t make it through this past winter, sadly.

  3. Stunning close ups, as always!

  4. That will look pretty in the garden, Elaine. Does it have a scent?

  5. Such pretty flowers, Elaine. I’m wondering the same as Carol about the scent.

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