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…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the school supplies edition


Dear school stationery companies,  Who is it that dreams up these new ‘fun’ stationery items aimed at primary school aged children?  Do they not think about how these things are going to affect the classroom?  I am particularly looking at you, designers of erasers.  Last year, and at the start of this academic year, we had tiny little creatures, clearly designed to appeal to the children who like collections of things (and which child doesn’t?).  The amount of space these things took up in a pencil case, or on a desk, was ridiculous as was the time the child would spend deciding which one to use if it needed to rub out a mistake.  Then there was the time spent packing them back into their container (some children had small plastic boxes for their collections) so that they fitted neatly and no creature was squashed by another.  Settling down first thing in the morning was delayed by the discussions required about the latest creatures that had been acquired since the previous day.  This year the ‘item of the moment’ seems to be a burger created of different layers – meat, lettuce, tomato, mustard etc – and time is spent deciding which layer to use, or which layer you are going to allow your friend to use.  If it was up to me I would ban the things completely from the classroom but as a supply teacher I don’t have that power.  Don’t get me started on the fancy pencils, felt tips, rulers etc etc. 

Dear laptop,  Why do you decide that an update is needed, and then take ages to install it and restart,  just when I am in a rush to get things done? 

Dear readers, I have only managed two letters today (and both grumpy ones I am afraid) because the restarting of my laptop took soooooooooo long and I have now run out of time.


Happy Friday everyone!


23 thoughts on “Friday letters – the school supplies edition

  1. I can relate. I really detest my updates. Happy Friday to you too. 🙂

  2. Hehehe Those school stationers really know when they’re onto a good wicket. Expect more collectors’ items in the future. 😕 Happy weekend, Elaine. xx

  3. Hahahaa, I’m a huge stationary fan and LOVED to collect rubbers as a child!!! But I can imagine that they are very annoying in class 🙂

  4. Oh I love the chickens this week! Having lost patience with the Windows constant harassment to get me to install Windows 10 it seemed very appropriate 😀

    • I have escaped the Windows 10 thing so far, although there was an unsuccesful attempt to update my laptop with it about a month ago. The laptop spent HOURS downloading, installing and doing whatever it needed to do before coming to a halt and telling me it wasn’t successful. I was rather cross as you can imagine.

  5. We use those novelty erasers as prizes in our prize box, but when a child chooses one I always tell him or her to put it in their school bag to take home. We also have those brightly patterned merchandise lead pencils, which are terrible quality but the children enjoy them. They get taken home too.

  6. Grumpy but fun letters, Elaine. Sorry about the time issue, though – things like that always happen at the wrong time, don’t they?

  7. I very much sympathise on the laptop trouble, updates are the bane of modern life. The erasers sound like a terrific distraction and I think I’d have loved them as a child (actually, I’d probably love them now). In my young day stickers and scraps were the top collectibles. Happy memories.

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