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Weekly photo challenge: curves at the Colosseum


The challenge this week is to show curves.  The Colosseum in Rome certainly has plenty.

colosseum, Rome

For many years it was supposed that the Colosseum is elliptical in shape, but the curve of the arena and the remaining facade have now been measured to a high degree of accuracy and findings show that it does not coincide exactly with a perfect ellipse and is in fact a polycentric curve (an ovoid).   When you are standing on the ground outside looking up at the magnificent structure, or viewing it from a distance, it gives the impression of being circular.

There are plenty of curves to be seen on the inside too.

We were almost the first people into the Colosseum on the morning that we visited, and immediately made our way up the steep stairs to the perfect vantage point overlooking the entire arena for our first view, unspoiled by the crowds who continue to arrive all day. It was well worth making the effort to be there early.


It is a fascinating place and the history of it is almost palpable.  We did not realise that access to the hypogeum, the underground labyrinth of dens and passageways where the animals and other participants in the gory games awaited their fates, is by special pre-booked tour, so we had to content ourselves with viewing it from above.

On display near the Colosseum, where building works are being carried out to create a new line for the city’s subway, was a picture of Gismondi’s fascinating model of how Rome would have looked at the time of Constantine (AD 306 – 337) when the city was at its largest.

map of Ancient Rome

Weekly Photo Challenge


30 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: curves at the Colosseum

  1. Nice!

  2. Beautiful images 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing:)

  3. The Colosseum would be amazing to visit. Fantastic photos Elaine.

  4. Welcome to Italy … brava … a really fantastic photo service! 🙂

  5. Wonderful photos and take on the Curves theme – such a fascinating place.

  6. It does! Perfect for the challenge, Elaine. 🙂 Another hectic week?

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  9. Yes, it’s the perfect place to photograph for a few curves, Elaine.

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  11. Love it 🙂 but makes me feel sad too…a bit like the British people do today 😦

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  15. I’ve been to the Colosseum this year in May, but only from outside. This building has a soul …

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