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July: the edible garden


A tunnel arbour covered in grape vines.

tunnel arbour with grape vines

Queen Eleanor's garden

Queen Eleanor’s Garden at The Great Hall, Winchester, is a re-creation of an enclosed medieval garden and is named after Queen Eleanor of Provence (c 1223 – 1291) and her daughter-in-law Queen Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 1290), who would have walked there and used it as their private retreat.  In medieval times gardens offered pleasure, repose and refreshment to the senses as well as food and medicine. Queen Eleanor’s Garden is an accurate example of such a garden and features turf seats, bay hedges, a fountain, tunnel arbour and many beautiful herbs and flowers of the time.

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10 thoughts on “July: the edible garden

  1. Aaah, somewhere we have been too. We were there in late June and the garden was in full bloom. It was so beautiful.

  2. You were in my home town! I have not popped up to the garden for years, guess that is what happens where you live. Must wander over there this summer.

  3. Ah I remember you showing some photos from this garden before. It sounds adorable. Love the grapes – I wonder if they are for eating or wine-making?

  4. You must be away for the weekend? Just saying hi 🙂

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